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Building Permit General                   Commercial Building Permit

Culvert and Lane Closure                 Demolition Permit

Garage Sale Permit                            Grading Permit

Health Permit                                    Manufatured Homes Permit

Miscellaneous Permit                       New Construction Building Permit

OSSF PERMIT Packet                         Pipeline Excavation Drilling Permit

Platting Application                          New Construction Res Permit Packet

Septic Permit                                      Sign Permit

Truck Permit                                      Variance Permit

Zoning Permit

Annexation               Registration 

Annexation Petition                         Contractor Registration

Annexation Application                  Business Registration


Commercial Building Requirements

Zoning Change Submittal Requirements

Subdivision Platting Check Lists


Notice of Application Fees

The owner or designated agent of the owner shall file any application to the City of New Fairview only on forms provided by the city.  The application shall be accompanied by all required documents and fees.

In order to complete and process any application, all fees and costs incurred must be paid by the applicant.

This shall consist of the following items of direct and indirect expenses:

  1. Legal Publications
  2. Document preparation and review (hourly salary)
  3. Copies
  4. Recording of any documents
  5. All professional and consultant services; such as City Engineers, Architects and City Planners
  6. Legal reviews, consultations and advice by the City Attorney
  7. Inspection Fees