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999 Illinois Lane
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City Clerk – Brooke Boller

City Clerks for New Fairview since September 9, 2019.

City Secretary – Monica Rodriguez

City Secretary for New Fairview since March 11, 2002.

City Attorney – Bradley Anderle

Bradley Anderle is an Associate with Taylor, Olson, Adkins, Sralla, Elam. Contracted with the city as of January 11, 2016.

City Planner – Barry Hudson

Dunaway Associates. Contracted with the city as of October 19, 2015.

City Engineer – Gary Fisher

Mr. Fisher has over thirty nine years experience in all phases of civil engineering including consultation, planning, drafting, mapping, evaluation, design, legal land description, construction administration, inspection, funding activities, scheduling, expert witness testimony, and review of highway, thoroughfare, street, parking lot, bridge, culvert, channel, storm sewer, water distribution, transmission, pumping, elevated and ground storage tanks, waste water collection, pumping and treatment systems, and airport improvements projects.

Mr. Fisher was contracted to work by the City of New Fairview in May 2005. He has worked for numerous other cities in Northeast Tarrant County, including: Colleyville, Fort Worth, Alvarado, Grapevine, Euless, Arlington, Weatherford, etc…

City Auditor – Peter J. Chaney P.C.

Mr. Chaney is a certified public accountant. He was contracted to work for the City of New Fairview in 2003. He does yearly financial audits and provides financial advise.

Sewage Inspector – Chris McGinn

Onsite Sewage Inspector for the city since 2010 On-Site Sewage Facilities

Building Inspector – Jim Estep

Building Inspector for the city since 2011. Click the link for building ordinances

Code Enforcement Officer – Don Strange

Code Enforcement for the city as of December 2004 Click here to file a complaint. Click the following link for code enforcement