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Located on U.S. Highway 287-81, the City of New Fairview is a rural
community offering residents easy access to major cities and attractions without heavy traffic congestion. Just 13.7 miles north and west of Fort Worth Alliance Airport and the Beachwood Development and 15.3 miles east of the Texas Motor Speedway, New Fairview is perfect for the commuter who seeks a retreat from the “big city”.


Many who live in New Fairview enjoy the slower paced country atmosphere where being neighborly is a way of life. As an added benefit, there are no municipal taxes to deal with.


New Fairview is the largest per landmass in Wise County with approximately 33,000 acres. The current population of New Fairview is estimated to be about 1,200 citizens. However, ours is a fast-growing community that has seen its population grow over 500% since 2003. Moreover, with approximately 5.6 miles of frontage on U.S. Highway 287-81 ready for commercial development, New Fairview is poised for significant commercial development.