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Commonly Requested Ordinances

> Subdivision Amendment Ordinance        > Subdivision Amendment Ordinance

> Subdivision Amendment Ordinance        > Subdivision Amendment Ordinance

>Amendments Zoning Ordinances

>Oil and Gas Well Ordinance                             >Building Code 2009 Ordinance

>Mobile Home Foundation Ordinance            >Building Code 2009 Ordinance

>Flood Ordinance                                                >Rental Registration Ordinance

>SOB Ordinance                                                  >Builder Registration Ordinance

>Placement of Dumpster Ordinance               >Substandard Building Ordinance

>Excavation Ordinance                                      >Building Permit Ordinance

>Backflow Ordinance                                          >Fee Schedule Ordinance

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact City Hall. To report a violation, please see Code Enforcement.

Draft Ordinances

The City Council would like to have citizen input on the following drafted ordinance pertaining to firearms. Please let us know what you think.