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The City Council of the City of New Fairview, Texas will conduct a public hearing on the 29th  day of February, 2018 at 7 p.m. in the City Hall located at 999 Illinois Lane, New Fairview, Texas 76078 where all interested persons will have the right to appear and be heard on the proposed annexations by the City of New Fairview, Texas of two tracts of land.  The first tract is approximately 142.965 acres of land and is located east of the City—bordered on the north by B. Judge Lane, on the west by County Line Road and F.M. 407, and on the south by F.M. 407— and is contiguous to the current city limits of New Fairview, Texas, in the City’s exclusive extraterritorial jurisdiction.  The second tract is approximately 52 acres of land and is located at the northwest corner of South County Line Road and CR 4730.  A map of each area proposed for annexation is available at City Hall.

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