“Blessing Box” Offers Food and Necessities for Those in Need

Posted on November 4, 2020

Residents in the Hilltop area have a new source of pride. A “Blessing Box,” located at 268 Hilltop Trail, has been serving as a small local foodbank since its erection in September. As it turns out, the box has been both an individual and community effort. <

After moving to New Fairview in 2018, Angela and Thaddeus Niestemski were anxious for a way to help their new community. “We moved out here to be closer to family, but we weren’t really sure why God put us here specifically,” Angela said. “Then when COVID hit, there was just so much fear everywhere, people were really struggling.” Angela said that her prayers to serve intensified, and the idea of the Blessing Box was born.


“I had seen them in other communities,” she said, “and on Pinterest and Facebook.” With the help of John Morgan, a friend and neighbor, Angela built the box with metal donated by MWS Metal Work in Boyd. Another friend, Debbie Fowler, from Haslet, designed the sign. After looking for a location, the Niestemskis realized they had the perfect site right at the end of their driveway. “It’s a school bus stop, so it’s a natural gathering place,” said Angela. She and her friends placed the box to the side of the road where cars can pull off to access it. “We prayed over it and put six items in it, and that’s how it started.”

Since its erection, neighbors say that the Blessing Box has never been empty. “Actually, more people have been dropping off than have been taking,” John Morgan reported. Due to the overflow that has sometimes accumulated, the Niestemskis have been able to create a surplus box to refill the main box in scarcer times. Any who can are welcome to donate non-perishable food and toiletry items, and those in need are free to help themselves to what is there.

Mrs. Niestemski feels that one of the best results to come from the box is the ownership the community has taken. Since it was placed, neighbors have added nails to hang bags on it, and Thaddeus and Angela installed a Plexiglas window to better protect items inside. The reach of the box has even carried beyond New Fairview. “Our postal lady said ours inspired her so much that she and her husband put one in at their house in Haslet,” Angela said. “So now it’s become not how we are blessing the community, but it’s how the community is blessing each other.”

Angela and Thaddeus Niestemski have lived in New Fairview since January 2018. They are the Executive Directors of Torn Veil Ministries, which helps resource people in ministry.

The Blessings Box accepts donations of non-perishable food items and toiletries.


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