About New Fairview, TX

History of New Fairview, TX

The City of New Fairview is located in Wise County within the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. The City consists of 15.5 square miles and has approximately 1,400 residents. Located along US 81/SH 287 and FM 407, this scenic area is rapidly becoming home to new developments and new residents. The convenient location provides residents and visitors easy access to anywhere in the DFW Metroplex.

The City of New Fairview was originally called “Illinois Settlement” by the early families who immigrated from the State of Illinois.

It later became named “Fairview” for the “fair view of the prairie” that early settlers had from the numerous hills in the City. The name was changed in 1999 to distinguish New Fairview from the fourteen other towns in the State of Texas with the same name.

Pioneer J. F. Thurmond donated land at the intersection of FM 407/Illinois LN and FM 2264/Thurmond for the community to build a church and school. Upon the death of an infant daughter in 1883, Mr. Thurmond donated more land adjacent to this site for a cemetery. This area became the heart of the community.

In 1950, the Fairview school consolidated with Northwest ISD. The Thurmond-Fairview Cemetery Association purchased the school building from the school district for a meeting place and classrooms for the Fairview Baptist Church Sunday School. It has also been used as a polling place for numerous elections.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s with the economy changing and children leaving the farm for other occupations, the City started seeing a change. Dairy farms and ranches were sold for development. The first subdivision is located on Martindale Lane on what was part of the J.F. Thurmond farm.

Today, existing subdivisions include Rio Rancho, Sky View and the Chisolm Addition. New developments that are in the design stage include Constellation Lake (1,900 homes, school, park and commercial development), Fairview Meadows (in the City’s extra-territorial jurisdiction, or ETJ), Pioneer Ranch, Falcon Ridge and Dove Creek.

With the addition of these new homes the New Fairview City Council is committed to managing new growth while maintaining the rural atmosphere and country lifestyle that appeals to current residents.

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