Animal Control


Administration Front Desk
999 Illinois Lane
New Fairview, TX 76078
Monday - Friday
9:00 am -5:00 pm

Animal Control

An Interlocal Agreement for Animal Control Services has been entered into by and between the City of New Fairview and Wise County on behalf of its Sheriff’s Department.

Animal Control Services will be provided for “City-Reported Animal Calls” within the City Limits of New Fairview. Citizens should call City Hall to request animal services. City staff will contact Wise County Animal Control on behalf of the citizen. After hour reports for vicious/dangerous animals or animals attacks, please contact the Sheriff’s Department at (940) 627-5971.

Dogs that have been deemed Dangerous must be registered with the City within 30 days. Descriptions and rules for dangerous dogs can be found in Ordinance 2000-13-0073 Section 7.

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