Dismissal Options

Dismissal with an Administrative Fee

The following offenses may be dismissed for a $20 administrative fee if the court finds the defendant has met the requirements of the law.

The defendant must have corrected the expired motor vehicle inspection, (not expired more than 60 days), registration, and/or driver’s license within the 10-day period after the citation is issued.

  • Displaying Expired Registration
  • Driving with an Expired Driver’s License
  • Driving with an Expired Inspection Certificate

If the defendant brings the proof to the court within 10 days after the Citation is issued, the offenses may be dismissed for a $10 administrative fee.

Dismissal without an Administrative Fee

This violation may be dismissed for no charge if the defendant provides proof to the court that liability insurance was covering the vehicle listed on the citation and they are insured as a driver of that same vehicle.

The coverage must have been in effect at the date and time the citation was issued. The proof required is a copy of the insurance card and/or insurance policy with the name and telephone number of the agent issuing the insurance policy.

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