City of New Fairview 2021/2022 Tx CDBG Procurement

Posted on January 20, 2021






The City of New Fairview will hold a public hearing at 5:01 p.m. on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at New Fairview City Hall, 999 Illinois, New Fairview, Texas regarding the submission of an application to the Texas Department of Agriculture for a Texas Community Development Block Grant Program (TxCDBG) grant. The purpose of this meeting is to allow citizens an opportunity to discuss the citizen participation plan, the development of local housing and community development needs, the amount of TxCDBG funding available, all eligible TxCDBG activities, and the use of past TxCDBG funds. The City encourages citizens to participate in the development of this TxCDBG application and to make their views known at this public hearing. Citizens unable to attend this meeting may submit their views and proposals to Ben Nibarger, City Administrator, at City Hall. Persons with disabilities that wish to attend this meeting should contact City Hall to arrange for assistance. Individuals who require auxiliary aids or services for this meeting should contact the City at least two days before the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Para mas informaci6n en espanol, comunfquese con Ben Nibarger al (817)638-5366.





Citizen Participation Plan – Each applicant must complete a citizen participation process that complies with the TxCDBG Citizen Participation Plan requirements as described in this guide prior to submitting an application.

A locality can only receive a TxCDBG grant if the locality certifies that it follows a detailed citizen participation plan that provides for and encourages citizen participation at all stages of the community development program.

TxCDBG applicants and funded localities are required to carry out citizen participation in accordance with the Citizen Participation Plan adopted for the TxCDBG Program. Each applicant certifies by signing a 424 Form that it has and will comply with the requirements of this Citizen Participation Plan.

Each applicant must maintain a citizen participation file that includes a copy of this Plan, the applicant’s complaint procedures, any technical assistance provided by the applicant, and public notices, minutes, and attendance lists for public hearings.

Complaint Procedures:


The applicant/recipient must have written citizen complaint procedures that provide a timely written response to complaints and grievances. Citizens must be made aware of the location, days, and hours when copies of the plan are available.

Technical Assistance:


When requested, the applicant/recipient shall provide technical assistance to groups representative of persons of low-to-moderate income in developing proposals for the use of TxCDBG funds. The level and type of assistance shall be determined by the applicant/recipient based upon the specific needs of the community’s residents.

Public Hearing Provisions:


The applicant must provide citizens with reasonable advance notice and opportunity to comment on eligible and proposed activities in the CD application.

For public hearings scheduled and conducted by a TxCDBG applicant or recipient, the following public hearing provisions must be observed:

  1. Public notice of the hearings must be given in one of the following ways:


  1. Public notice of the hearings must be published in a local newspaper at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the scheduled hearing; or
  2. Published on applicant’s website AND posted in public places (e.g. city hall/county courthouse) at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the scheduled

The public notice must include the date, time, location and topics to  be considered at the public hearing. A published newspaper article may also be used to meet this requirement so long as it meets all content and timing requirements. Notices should also be prominently posted in  public  buildings  and distributed to local Public Housing Authorities and other interested community groups.




  1. The public hearing must be held at a time and location convenient to potential or actual beneficiaries and include accommodations for persons with disabilities. Furthermore, the applicant must make arrangements for individuals who require auxiliary aids or services if contacted at least two days prior to each hearing. The public hearing must no earlier than 5:00 p.m. on a weekday or at a convenient time on a Saturday or
  2. When a significant number of non-English speaking residents are expected to participate in a public hearing, an interpreter must be present to accommodate the needs of the non-English speaking

Applicants must comply with the following citizen participation requirements for the preparation and submission of an application to the Texas Community Development Block Grant Program:

  1. The public hearing must occur prior to the adoption of the local government resolution authorizing the submission of the
  2. The locality must retain documentation of the hearing notice(s), attendance lists, minutes of the hearing(s), and any other records concerning the proposed use of funds for a period of one Such records must be available to the public in accordance with Chapter 552, Government Code.
  3. The public hearing must meet the following TxCDBG notification requirements and include a discussion with citizens covering the following topics:
    • The development of housing and community development


  • The amount of funding


  • All eligible activities under the Texas Community Development Block Grant


  • The applicant’s use of past TxCDBG contract funds, if


  • The estimated amount of funds proposed for activities that will meet the national objective of benefit to low-to-moderate income
  • The plans of the locality to minimize displacement of persons and to assist persons actually displaced as a result of activities assisted with TxCDBG funds, if

Citizens must be encouraged to submit their views and proposals regarding community development and housing needs, with particular emphasis on persons of low-to-moderate income who are residents of slum or blighted areas. Local organizations that provide services or housing for low-to-moderate income persons, including the local Public Housing Authority, the local Health and Human Services office, the local Mental Health and Mental Retardation office, and other local service providers such as Faith-Based organizations, must receive written notification concerning the date, time, location and topics to be covered at the public hearing. Citizens must be made aware of the location where they may submit their views and proposals in case they are unable to attend the public hearing. While more than one application may be discussed at the public hearing, a hearing held for the previous program year’s submission of the same application does not satisfy the requirements for any subsequent competition.

A community must provide reasonable notice of the availability of a proposed application in order to afford affected citizens an opportunity to examine the application’s contents to determine the degree to which they may be affected, and to submit comments on the proposed application. This requirement may




be met by publishing a summary of the proposed application in one or more local newspapers of general circulation at least five (5) days prior to submitting the application to TDA, and by making copies of the proposed application available at libraries, government offices, and public places.

Development of Local Housing and Community Development Needs – Infrastructure to support housing is needed to ensure access to safe and secure living environments.

Amount of TxCDBG Funding Available – CD Fund applications may request no more than $350,000 in eligible project activities, including engineering and administration costs.

All CD Fund applications must request a minimum of $75,000 in eligible project activities, including engineeriniz and administration costs.

Estimated Amount of Funds Proposed for Activities that Will Meet the National Objective of Benefit to Low-to-Moderate Income Persons – As required by program rules, 100% of TxCDBG funding will benefit low to moderate income populations.

Eligible TxCDBG Activities* – TxCDBG eligible activities include:


  • Water System Improvements


  • Wastewater System Improvements


  • Drainage Improvements


  • Housing Rehabilitation


  • Gas System Improvements


  • Road/Street Improvements


  • Fire Protection Facilities


  • Accessibility Improvements to Public Buildings


  • Solid Waste Disposal/Landfills/Transfer Stations


  • Community/Senior/Social Service Centers


  • Shelters for Persons with Special Needs
  • While the above activities are eligible far funding, the COG has selected to prioritize Water/Wastewater, Septic Tanks, Water, Wastewater Yard Lines, Roads/Streets, and Drainage

Additional guidance and further definition concerning eligible and ineligible activities for some of the TxCDBG eligible activities are included in Section l0S(a) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (HCDA).

Use of Past TxCDBG Funds – Not applicable; the City has never applied for or received CDBG funding.

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