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City Council

Julie Burger

A longtime resident of New Fairview, Councilwoman Julie Burger has both personal and professional experience with the city and local area.

Born in San Diego, Councilwoman Burger spent her childhood and youth in Alaska, Wisconsin, and New Jersey before settling in Texas in 1986. After marriage, she and her husband wanted more space for their horses and their growing family—they purchased five and half acres in New Fairview in 1995, where they have lived since. Yet her experience with the area is not limited to residence alone. Councilwoman Burger previously owned and operated her own janitorial business in Wise County before moving to part-time work as an assistant for Riverside Homebuilders. Today, she works fulltime for Northstar, just over the county line. In both her personal and professional life, she is well acquainted with the ins and outs of local culture and local needs, as well as city and residential development.

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