East Wise Fire and Rescue

The City Council approved an agreement with East Wise Fire Rescue to provide fire protection in New Fairview. As part of this agreement, the City provided the two bays in the City’s multi-purpose building for housing a brush and pump truck, office and common space, as well as a $1,000 annual payment. The City has installed an electric pump and plumbing to the City Hall water tanks as a refill station for the East Wise Fire Rescue, as well as for other mutual aid fire trucks, that may need access to water.

The placement of the East Wise Fire Rescue brush truck in the New Fairview multi-purpose building has significantly reduced the response time for the citizens of New Fairview, taking the average from over 20 to around nine-and-one-half minutes. The second station, centrally located in New Fairview on FM 407, should also improve our ISO rating, which impacts homeowners insurance rates, by improving fire protection coverage area within the City.

If you would like to become a volunteer firefighter or like to support our local fire department, please visit their website: www.eastwisefirerescue.org

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